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Alternative Medicine
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The Blue Heron Clinic provides treatment and advice for people wishing to improve their health naturally using complimentary and alternative medicine methods (C.A.M.) such as acupuncture, reiki and massage.

Chiropractic Business Academy
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The Chiropractic Business Academy is a chiropractic marketing and business consulting organization. We mentor doctors through chiropractic seminars across the country as well as online training.

Holistic Renewal
[ ]

Features a database of news and articles related to holistic psychology. Also offers FAQ's, links, testimonials and archives.

Inspiration Journal
[ ]

A journal for the mind, body and spirit. Offers holistic articles pertinent to daily life.

The Secrets of Natural Health
[ ]

Features information on natural health and health care, diet remedies for common ailments.

Thought Inspire Subliminals
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Subliminal audios mega site, with NLP tailored affirmations to change your thinking. Helps to improve thinking, confidence, productivity and performance. Suitable for all age ranges.